RBCG was created and designed to be of service and to close the gaps identified within our clients and relationships established over time. We are the link between innovation and capitalism. Each entity established, acquired, or invested into were all derived from an essential need. Each venture fulfills on the three principals of PEOPLE, PROCESS, & PRODUCT. Our vision is to master the areas of Capital, Human Capital, and Resources as we engage, acquire or invest in companies. Our impact in these areas will help inject our strengths into the local economy which allows for job growth and economic development. 


Our Team


Jason Jimenez

Founder/CEO, International Entrepreneur, Business Owner and INvestor 


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Jason's role as the visionary is specifically focused on building an organization that delivers on the gaps in any market that has a need. "My mission every day is to always focus on the macro patience in building a business while diligently moving with micro speed on each client or service provider we represent. Our company culture and team commitment is extremely important as we are dedicated to creating transformation with every client and contract we execute."

Jason Jimenez owns and invests in an array of businesses that collaborate with and deliver services to local, national and international clients. As a Chairman/CEO/Founder in Redstone Business Holdings LLC, Mr. Jimenez co-leads the holding company’s subsidiaries; Redstone Natural Resources LLC, and  Redstone Business Consulting LLC. He secures domestic and international exclusivity and distribution agreements for natural resources and delivers business consulting and financial solutions to clients in the United States and abroad. Mr. Jimenez also has interest in Red Wheel Logistics, which is a truck/transportation company that supports oil fields by moving earthrock, and minerals from one location to the next. This is in addition to owning and operating the Jason Jimenez Insurance Agency which provides property, causality, commercial business insurance, bonds, work comp, individual, and group health. He chairs the International Resources Group (IRG) which is an organization comprised of midsize to large businesses that collaborate with domestic and international investors to invest in, expand new businesses in the United States. Services range from the creation of off-shore bank accounts, immigration assistance, architecture and engineering, real estate development, construction, public relations, marketing, EB5 navigation, and other services. 

He studied business administration and marketing at the University of Houston. He is the recipient of various awards, including Houston's 2014 "40 Under 40", the National Republican Businessman of the Year, and has been ranked as a top 3% Farmers Insurance Agency in the nation. Mr. Jimenez has and currently serves on various boards, including but not limited to Youth Aid (Executive Director) and Fanatical Change. As a mentor in the University of Houston's Entrepreneur Program, Mr. Jimenez assists students in business plan competitions and pitches. He delivers speechs and presentations to the insurance industry nationwide. 


Trey Narendorf



Trey's role is to keep the integrity of our vision and to put structure, process, and accountability for the work that we do deliver with micro-speed. 

Trey joined Redstone BCG in 2014 as an Account Manager. Working on various opportunities in Capital and Natural Resources, Trey was promoted to Chief Business Development Officer in 2015. After fulfilling on this capacity for the better part of a year and displaying an aptitude for leadership, Jason invited Trey to become a partner of Redstone Business Holdings which owns and operates Redstone Business Consulting Group and Redstone Natural Resources. Trey took on the role as principal and Chief Operations Officer of the Holdings Company. In this position, he is responsible for overseeing all operations of Redstone Business Holdings and its subsidiaries including but not limited to financial and operational oversight. Prior to joining Redstone, Trey worked in the banking and financial sector for over 8 years in various capacities. Through his extensive capital and sales training, knowledge and experience, Trey brings his business acumen as well as his efficiently in business implementation to lead and grow Redstone. Trey is a proud graduate of Texas A&M where he obtained accreditation as a Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance. 


Bradley Basker

Webmaster, social media 






Brad worked as a freelance commodities broker for over 2 years, which was a unique addition to his extensive work as an entrepreneur and artist. The majority of his work has been within refined and unrefined products. He worked in several journalistic capacities before starting his own blogs and publishing his own novels; in addition to his 12 years in music performance and event coordination. Brad's skill set which includes writing, editing, negotiations, publishing, social media management, literary consulting, and graphic and web design, has played an important role in Redstone and his professional ventures. These are aided by his accreditation in mass communications (BA), international studies (MLA), international media and intercultural communications (certificate), social communication (Ph.D. 2nd year), and languages. He is founder of Griffin Collective and co-Founder of That's Cold Brew Co..


Michael Bowie

director of capital 


Juan C. Malave

president & CEO of proentek energy development co.

Michael has 30+ year of experience and has been a CFO for manufacturing companies, distribution & service companies, and a vertically integrated manufacturing and retail company. He also has several years of oil & gas exploration experience. He is a seasoned professional, with several years of experience working with companies to turnaround and improve their growth and profitability. 

Michael is effective at working with owners and management in seeing and developing the 'Big Picture', and evaluating potential outcomes based on forecast projections and identified key assumptions. These projections along with key historical data and metrics help the company make informed decisions regarding their future operations that lead to growth and increasing profitability. He has extensive knowledge in the financial space in working with banks and other lenders structuring financial instruments and debt covenants. He has been directly involved in acquisitions, divestitures and restructuring of business in his career.  


President & CEO Juan C. Malave is an accomplished multilingual executive and director with a proven track record in program/project management, contracts management and business development for major EPC Capital Projects and Operations providing leadership and direction for more than 36 years in the Oil, Gas, LNG, and Petrochemical industry. He has expertise in developing and implementing strategic direction and management for large projects (typically more than US $ 500MM). Mr. Malave has proven success optimizing project front end development, engineering, planning, project controls and project development & execution and hands on experience in General Management, Human Resources, Produce Line Responsibility, Service Operations, and Finance. He has had major roles opening and growing successful operations in several countries.  His experience includes deployment, implementation and enforcement of company corporate policies and procedures in all areas including; HSSEQ guidelines and working with local subsidiaries to oversee and control operations of business development budgets and sales forecasts, which resulted in an increase in the number of clients, contract awards, and revenues. He has extensive knowledge of IOCs and NOCs and multinational Oil and Gas service providers worldwide. Mr. Malave has experience working with projects and operations teams and leading international management teams with diverse cultural backgrounds working in different contracting environments. Mr. Malave has a BS in Physical Metallurgy from the Material Science and Engineering Dept. of Washing State University at Pullman, Washington.